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About KinderHill Brew Lab

Our Story

KinderHill Brew Lab is committed to producing authentic and unique beers that push the boundaries of brewing styles and categories. We proudly serve our customers the highest quality beers in our sprawling biergarten located in downtown Bryan, TX.


Laura and Jason have over 10 years of professional brewing experience each focusing on different aspects of the process. Jason loves the artistic side of brewing and is always brainstorming new and interesting flavors influenced by his travels and constant beer tasting. Laura takes a more scientific approach making sure every aspect from grain to glass is of the highest quality and the brewing technique is consistent.  They both share a love of beer, fermentation, and the culture surrounding beer and brewing that blends their styles for some truly unique brews. Experience it for yourself by joining us for a brewery tour, a special event or just to try what’s on tap.

Image by Elevate
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